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ER-921 - New Formulation

ER-921, our surface-active agent used to reduce the water evaporation rate from the surface of newly laid concrete, has been reformulated to make it non-flammable and non-hazardous. These changes mean no concerns with regard to Worksafe Hazardous Substances compliance.


PREMIUM MATT SEALER is a high-quality solvent-based acrylic solution for use on concrete (natural and coloured), to seal the surface. It is a clear matt coating for all types of concrete, ceramic, masonry and stone surfaces. It seals against the ingress of moisture and contaminants and helps maintain the surface clean.

PREMIUM MATT SEALER is ideal for ground / polished concrete floors, exposed aggregate, imprinted (stamped) concrete drives, paths, stone tiles, etc.  It imparts a soft touch feel to surfaces, making it the coating of choice for indoor and outdoor top-quality decorative concrete and garden ornaments.


SAME DAY SEALER TEXTURED is a solvent-based acrylic resin solution for use on concrete (normal and coloured), in trafficked areas to seal the surface and put a clear glaze on ground or polished concrete floors, drives, paths, etc. where slipperiness in the wet may pose a problem.  The textured product has a much higher coefficient of friction than the standard products, while still helping to maintain the surface clean and prevent pigment leach-out.




In August 2016, Fraser Brown & Stratmore Limited became Stratmore Construction Solutions Ltd.




EPAR 226 XLV is a low viscosity, unfilled solvent-free epoxy with excellent mechanical properties. EPAR 226 XLV is used as a crack injection epoxy for concrete repairs. The mixed viscosity is typically 375 – 470 centipoise (cps) at 20oC. EPAR 226 XLV epoxy has a 1 to 3 (Hardener to Resin) mix ratio.


We are pleased to introduce our porous masonry sealer, CONCRETE BLOCK SEALER. CONCRETE BLOCK SEALER is a clear high solids, low VOC waterborne sealer, which when used as part of a complete system including AQUELLUX S WB, is effective in completely sealing porous masonry such as concrete blocks, and acts by blocking the pores against water ingress while not changing the appearance of the substrate to any significant extent. The CONCRETE BLOCK SEALER SYSTEM meets the requirements of CCANZ CP 01:2014 Code of Practice for Weathertight Concrete and Concrete Masonry Construction, section 4.4 Clear Coating System when applied as directed (compliance requires application by way of an approved applicator).

To view the CONCRETE BLOCK SEALER datasheet, please click here:


A liquid epoxy system has a defined pot life which is generally defined as the time after mixing the hardener and resin together thoroughly that the epoxy can be used or applied. During warmer weather (and when larger amounts are mixed), the pot life is reduced and this can make application of the epoxy within its pot life more difficult when larger areas are to be coated. Stratmore Construction Solutions Ltd has introduced an Extended Pot Life version of the hardeners used for EPAR 226, EPAR 733HV and EPAR S liquid epoxy systems to help increase the usable pot life when applying these epoxies. Please contact us for details.



Stratmore Construction Solutions Ltd  introduces our new Concrete StripCrete. StripCrete is safe biodegradable solution designed to soften and easily remove concrete or cement residues from tools or concrete placing equipment. It eliminates the need for hammering, sand blasting or hazardous strong acids to remove old concrete residues. StripCrete does not contain hydrochloric acid. StripCrete works by "softening" the layer of old concrete which then allows easy removal.


Stratmore Construction Solutions Ltd has developed a fast setting cementitous repair mortar specially formulated to undertake structural repairs and restoration work. This product can be used where a fast setting (3 minutes) cementitous material is required for a wide range of concrete repairs.

To view the product datasheet, please click here:



We are pleased to advise that our EPAR 226 liquid epoxy system and EPAR 733HV high-build coating fully comply with the test requirements of AS/NZS 4020:2005 to cover a cold water application up to <40oC at the recommended total immersion exposure of ~30,000mm2 / L test water. Testing undertaken by AMS Laboratories, PTY Ltd.

To view the product announcement, please click here:

KRYTON Stickman Videos

Stickin’ It to Leaking Concrete Cracks

Kryton International Inc introduces the Kryton Stickman series, and brings to life the common problems contractors and applicators face daily. Many concrete repair methods fail to solve the leakage problem effectively and most are only a temporary solution. The new explainer videos helps to differentiate the Krystol Crack Repair System from these other methods. Click here to visit Kryton's YouTube channel to watch these videos

EPAR 121B - Epoxy System for Road & Track Repair

EPAR 121B is a solventless liquid epoxy which has very good mechanical strength and moderate flexibility. EPAR 121B has excellent chemical resistance and adhesion to concrete, metal and asphalt. It can be used to repair asphalt and bitumen on roads subjected to wear or erosion where normal asphaltic repair materials fail. EPAR 121B is also recommended for repairing race tracks where the binder has deteriorated due to tyre wear, especially in corners.

To view more information on EPAR 121B, please click here:

EPAR MP FAST-SET - Fast Curing Epoxy for Asphalt and Concrete

EPAR MP FAST SET is a high viscosity, moderately filled epoxy with excellent mechanical properties and very fast cure. EPAR MP FAST SET is a high build material used as a consolidation compound to bind loose surfaces and provide a suitable surface for further adhesion of various articles to asphalt and concrete. EPAR MP FAST SET is available in 2 part packs or a 600ml twin-cartridge with self-mixing nozzle.

To view more information on EPAR MP FAST SET, please click here:

BIOFINISH GOLD - Release Agent for High Quality Surface Finish

We are pleased to announce a new water-based release agent used to create high quality architectural concrete finishes on precast concrete. BIOFINISH GOLD is a ready-to-use water based concrete release agent that does not require stirring or agitation before use. It is applied in a thin coating to clean concrete moulds and provides an exceptionally clean release with a minimum of bug holes. BIOFINISH GOLD is recommended for applications where traditional release agents may not provide the level of surface finish that is demanded on some applications by architects and engineers. BIOFINISH GOLD offers performance on-par or exceeding other water-based release agents available.

To view more information on BIOFINISH GOLD, please click here:



SAME DAY SEALER Satin is a solvent-based acrylic resin solution for use on concrete (normal and coloured) to seal the surface.
It is used to put a clear satin glaze on exposed aggregate, plain or imprinted (stamped) concrete drives, paths, etc.
It may also be used as a low-sheen concrete block sealer. 

SAME DAY SEALER Satin can be applied in multiple coats without increasing the sheen or gloss.

To view more information on Same Day Sealer, please click here:

PC-707 Superplasticiser

We are pleased to advise that PC-707 superplasticiser is available for purchase. PC-707 is a latest-generation, polycarboxylate concrete additive with high range water reducing properties to provide high workability and high early age strength.

PC-707 can be used in a wide range of concrete mixes. In particular, PC-707 is used to increase slump and workability without adding extra water to the concrete.

PC-707 is available in 4, 20, 200 and 1000 litre containers.

To view more information on PC-707, please click here:



An in-house experiment conducted using Hinuera Stone samples clearly shows how effective AQUELLUX S silane/siloxane water repellent is for treating Hinuera Stone surfaces. A sample of stone was treated with AQUELLUX S and submerged in water along with an untreated sample. After immersion in water for 4 months, the AQUELLUX S treated block increased in weight (due to water absorption) by 5% whereas the untreated block increased by 28% - almost 6 times more water was absorbed. Furthermore, the treated block remained essentially unchanged visually underwater even after an extended period of submersion totalling 6 months.

Due to the degradation of the stone by weathering, the loss of thermal properties due to water absorption and the unsightly colour change of the stone when wet, AQUELLUX S is a cost-effective method of providing water repellency without changing the appearance of the stone when dry. It also maintains the dry-state appearance of the stone during wet weather.

The photos below show the treated block of Hinuera Stone as removed from the water after 6 months immersion and the same untreated block after 6 months immersion. It must be noted that the untreated block was green and slimy when removed from the water, whereas the AQUELLUX S treated block was more or less the same colour as a new, dry piece of Hinuera Stone. Furthermore, when removed from the water, the AQUELLUX S stone was dry whereas the untreated stone was still thoroughly wet even after 24 hours of drying at 15 degrees Celsius ambient temperature.


The AQUELLUX S treated sample is on the left side of the photos, the untreated sample is on the right side shown immediately after being removed from the water after 6 months submersion. A plain block of Hinuera Stone is behind the samples on the first photo, and on the second and third photos, the samples are placed on top of this block of stone. The third photo shows the result of pouring water on both samples - the AQUELLUX S treated sample repels the water away, whereas the untreated block immediately absorbs the water changing colour.

To view more information on AQUELLUX S, please click here:

To view a short video of the stone samples being subjected to water, click here:


Te Wharewaka O Poneke Building –Wellington, New Zealand

The Te Wharewaka O Poneke Building (Canoe House) was developed to serve as the entertainment centre for the 2011 Rugby World Cup. The development showcases the rich history of Maori art and culture, and includes exhibition and function areas, a café and offices. It will also host powhiri (a Maori ritual ceremony), carvings, cultural performances and interactive historic displays.

The site was developed on reclaimed land along the waterfront in central Wellington, making waterproofing essential.

The project team selected the Kryton Waterproofing System to ensure the building and valuable Maori art would be protected from water and last the life of the building. The contractor also selected Kryton product to provide extra protection to the concrete used for the marine grade landscaping.

The total project used 1400m3 of concrete, of which 1100kg of KIM was supplied to waterproof in the critical areas. With its location adjacent to the ocean, KIM was the optimal choice for this project where water exposure or ingress is a concern.

The Te Wharewaka O Poneke Building opened in February 2011.

Architect Architecture +
Contractor L T McGuiness
Engineer King & Dawson
Ready Mix Allied Concrete Wellington
Product Krystol Internal Membrane (KIM)


Note the Odlins Building (NZ Stock Exchange) to the right of the second photo. KIM was successfully used to waterproof the below-grade carpark. 

EPAR 124 TLS - Fast-Setting Epoxy Grout System

EPAR 124 TLS is a fast-setting pourable epoxy grout. It is designed to quickly develop strength and provide excellent resistance to creep. EPAR TLS 124 is provided as a two-part system with both the hardener and resin being coloured to ensure proper and complete mixing. EPAR TLS 124 can be used in low temperatures.

For the Thorndon flyover (Wellington Motorway) barrier reinstatement, EPAR TLS 124 was used to secure the barrier bolts into the concrete deck. EPAR TLS 124 was also used on the road section below the bridge to epoxy the street lighting bolts in place. Fulton Hogan, the primary contractor, found EPAR TLS 124 very easy to use and the coloured components helped ensure complete and accurate on-site mixing. For this project, the epoxy grout was supplied in 900ml packs for convenient handling.


AQUELLUX S WB - High-Performance Silane/Siloxane Water-based Water Repellent

Stratmore Construction Solutions Ltd is pleased to announce the development of a new water based silane/siloxane water repellent, AQUELLUX S WB.

AQUELLUX S WB compliments our solvent based water repellent, AQUELLUX S. It is a true silicone water repellent based on silane/siloxane technology. It is not a silicate based material which offer only short-term performance and require reapplication every year or two.

AQUELLUX S WB can be applied to most masonry and concrete substrates, even damp surfaces. It is a stable water based product and does not require remixing or dilution before use.


  • Provides good depth of penetration
  • Excellent beading effect for surface repellency
  • Highly stable on alkaline substrates (concrete and masonry)
  • Allows the substrate to breathe
  • Superior to silicate based materials (which are primarily recommended for treating clay pavers, etc)
  • Non-DG for transport and storage

AQUELLUX S WB can be used internally for feature walls, etc where water stains may be an issue.

AQUELLUX S WB is available now in 4, 20 and 200-litre containers.

To view more information on AQUELLUX S WB, please download the datasheet: