PROTECTA-COAT Waterborne Concrete Sealer

PROTECTA-COAT is a clear high solids, low VOC waterborne sealer for internal and external concrete and masonry substrates. PROTECTA-COAT has excellent weathering, UV and yellowing resistance.

PROTECTA-COAT is easy to apply, has a good open time and exhibits excellent flow and leveling. It is used to provide a clear, low sheen protective coating to internal substrates and to coat external substrates that do not require compliance with CCANZ CP 01:2014 Code of Practice for Weathertight Concrete and Concrete Masonry Construction, section 4.4 Clear Coating System. For compliance with CCANZ CP 01:2014, refer to the CONCRETE BLOCK SEALER SYSTEM.

PROTECTA-COAT may be used on all masonry where a low sheen (satin) clear finish is desired. It is especially suited to vertical surfaces and will not sag if applied at the recommended spreading rate. Suggested applications include:

  • Internal concrete masonry block and in-situ walls to help keep clean and maintain the concrete look
  • External concrete block and in-situ walls in areas such as patios, barbeque pits, etc.

Please refer to datasheet for coverage details

4, 10 & 20-litre packs

 Click here to download PROTECTA-COAT technical datasheet

Watch our instructional video on how to properly apply PROTECTA-COAT

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